Machinery Industry

Seals for Machinery Industry

Sealing solutions for the demanding machinery through all conditions.


Noteworthy when designing seals for the machinery industry

The seals for machinery industry require careful planning and a high level of material expertise. When designing the sealing, we take into account both the intended use of the machinery and all its potential operating environments. This way, we ensure that the sealing is suitable for the intended purpose your machinery.

Sealing solutions are business-critical components in machinery industry. Seals guarantee the uninterrupted operation of our customers' equipment and ultimately that of the production processes of their customers.

Examples of seals for machinery industry:

  • Sealing frames for various covers and hatches
  • Oil seals for bearing housings for the mining technology industry
  • Enclosure seals and grommets for electrical equipment manufacturers
  • Gaskets for different applications

Since industrial seals are often wearing parts, we design seals to be as easy to install as possible, both during the initial installation and during maintenance.

Important features to consider with seals in machinery industry applications:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wear requirements
  • Exposure to corrosion

PLEASE NOTE! We make sure that our customers' industry standards are always taken into consideration in the design and manufacturing.

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Variation in temperature, moisture and salty seawater sets specific demands for sealing solutions.

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